Your breasts provide the best food for your babies. They also make you look and feel good. However, they can also be the origin of breast cancer.

Can breastfeeding protect you from cancer?

Breastfeeding lowers your breast cancer risk. Isn’t that just wonderful? So, if you are still trying to decide whether to breastfeed, here’s a good reason to give it a shot. And if you are contemplating weaning your baby, do note that the longer you breastfeed, the more protection against breast cancer you get from breastfeeding.

What if you cannot breastfeed?

Don’t feel guilty if you cannot breastfeed. There are several other ways to lower your breast cancer risk. Eat healthy, for instance. Don’t smoke. Maintain a good weight. Remember you love your baby too much not to take care of yourself. A healthy mum makes a healthy baby.

Let’s go ladies. Let’s protect the melons while we nourish our beautiful babies.

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