Breastfeeding is so important. It is critical to the health of our babies and families. There are several beliefs about breastfeeding. Some are very helpful guides, while some are falsehoods. Let us explore a few.

Myth: The first milk from a mother is bad for the baby

Fact: The first milk from a new mother is coloured yellowish. This milk is called colostrum. It is very high in nutrients as well as disease-fighting immunoglobulins. Therefore, it nourishes and protects your baby. Do not discard colostrum! It is nature’s welcome gift to your baby.

Myth: If you do not breastfeed for a few days, the breastmilk becomes spoilt and is bad for your baby

Fact: The milk in your breasts do not get spoilt. If you happen to be separated from your baby for a few days, you can safely resume breastfeeding once you reunite. You may stop breastfeeding temporarily for a few days. And restart once you are able to.

Myth: If you breastfeed lying down, your baby will fall sick

Fact: Your baby will not be sick if you breastfeed while lying down. It is good for you to breastfeed in different positions. It improves your milk supply.

Myth: If you breastfeed, your breasts will sag

Fact: your breasts will sag with age. Whether you breastfeed or not. Exercise regularly to maintain strong muscles and a great physique.

Myth: If you drink alcohol while breastfeeding, your milk supply will increase

Fact: All the alcohol you drink will go into your breastmilk, and therefore your baby. Feeding your baby alcohol is a bad idea. Besides, there is no clear proof that drinking alcohol while breastfeeding improves your milk supply.

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