You love your baby’s skin. It is velvety soft and smooth. However, it needs a lot of gentle care because it is delicate. Improper care can lead to skin diseases. Worse, these skin disease could progress to severe bloodstream infections.

What is the best toilet soap for your baby?

Your baby’s skin has a delicate balance of moisture and natural oils as well as some friendly organisms. You need to keep this balance. What your baby needs is gentle cleansing with mild soaps. Babies do not get very dirty in their early days when they are mostly indoors and not yet crawling or walking. Antiseptics and medicated soaps should only come in upon the advice of your baby’s healthcare provider as treatment for certain skin disorders. After a bath, moisturise your baby’s skin liberally with baby pomade or skin lotion. 

What if your baby gets a rash?

Babies can get different kinds of rashes on their skin. Most rashes are not infections, therefore not all rashes on your baby’s skin need treatment. Some should just be watched to see how they progress or resolve. It is important not to put antibiotic and antifungal creams on your baby’s skin without first seeking medical care, because if used inappropriately, some of these preparations can harm your baby’s skin.

Protect your baby from diaper rashes

The diaper area deserves special mention. In the early days, babies poo and wee a lot. Once you establish breastfeeding, change your baby’s diaper every 3-4 hours so that wee and poo do not stay in contact with your baby’s bum for long periods. Apply a generous amount of a barrier cream, like petroleum jelly, to your little one’s diaper area before you put on a new diaper.

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