Frequently asked questions

Will sleeping under a fan or an air-conditioner give my baby pneumonia?

No. Pneumonia among children is caused mostly by viruses, bacteria, and other germs. You need to keep your fan or air-conditioner clean, so your baby does not breathe in germs. However, fans or air-conditioners on their own do not cause pneumonia.

My breastmilk is not flowing immediately after delivery. Can I feed my baby formula in the meantime?

Even if your breasts do not feel full of milk at this time, there is colostrum in them. Colostrum is very dense in nutrients and natural medicines for your baby. So put your baby to the breast whether they feel full or not. The baby’s sucking will help your breasts to get full fast. Also, carrying your baby to put him to the breast will keep your baby warm. If needed, your doctor or midwife will test your baby and make other recommendations as appropriate.

My baby has a soft spot on top of her head that seems to move in and out. Is it normal?

Fontanelles are normal and close on their own. You do not need to do anything about them.

Are babies who are exclusively breastfed more difficult to wean?

Not at all. Babies are different. Some are just more difficult to wean than others.

My newborn baby girl has a whitish vaginal discharge. Is it normal?

This is normal. Other baby girls may have a bloody vaginal discharge. But this does not last long at all. However, if you have any doubts, please prompt your midwife or doctor.

What causes sore nipples when breastfeeding?

Sore nipples are caused by poor positioning and attachment of the baby to your breast. So this can be easily corrected. Your midwife can help you with this.

When can I use a pacifier for my baby?

Delay the introduction of a pacifier until your baby and you are both comfortable and conversant with breastfeeding. Early introduction of a pacifier can cause nipple confusion. You may even choose not to give your baby a pacifier at all.

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