Yeees! Christmas is here! And Christmas is for children. So we are excited for your little ones. We wish you and your family well as you plan towards and go through the festivities. As you celebrate, here are a few reminders to keep your children healthy and happy.

Courtesy for boys and girls

You may receive a lot of visitors during the holidays. If you are a fan of tradition and manners, you should use this time to emphasize to children that ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ are magic words. Visitors have a way of exciting children so much that routines may change. Children thrive on routine, so try to ensure that activities like teeth brushing before bed, bedtime and waking routines stay same. If you require your children to do house chores, involve visiting kids in the house chores as well to underscore to children how beneficial that is.

Eat healthy

Are you aware that during festivities we tend to move away from our normal diet patterns and indulge more in unhealthy eating? We eat a lot more sweets and are perhaps more sedentary. We want our kids to enjoy Christmas, but this does not necessarily mean toffees and candies. Explore alternative sources of sweetness, like fruits, whether fresh or dried. Spice up activities with a lot of outdoor games to keep the children entertained and exercised.  

Avoid choking

Please ensure that the toys you buy for your toddlers do not contain detachable small parts, because these present choking hazards. As much as possible, go by the age recommendations of the manufacturer.

Beware of abuse

Unfortunately, child sexual abuse is a reality. Before you welcome visitors into your home, no matter how close they are, your children must know that they are free to confide in you anything that makes them uncomfortable and unhappy, without fear of negative consequences from you. They must also know the no-touch or private parts of their bodies. As you welcome visitors into your home, you should also be careful about screen time. You should know what they are watching with your child. Review movie ratings before they start to play so as not to expose your children to content that you do not deem suitable for your child.

Accidents happen

During cooking, bear in mind that open fires and hot cooking present a risk of burns. It is a good idea to enlist the help of your little ones. Mixing, mashing and sieving are such fun for kids. However, be vigilant at all times to ensure their safety.

 Enjoy a healthy Christmas with your little ones.


  • Oscar Onai December 27, 2020

    That’s a very thoughtful article. Thumbs up, babychildandco.

    • Dr. Seyram Wordui December 28, 2020

      Thank you, Oscar. Please share.

  • Isabella Dzifa Tettey Korley December 27, 2020

    Very educative indeed. I’ll like to add that children should be monitored closely when around Christmas trees. Out of curiosity, they can get choked from putting tiny decorations in their mouth.

    • Dr. Seyram Wordui December 28, 2020

      Absoultely right, Dzifa. Children are very curious indeed, the reason they are more prone to home accidents and injuries. Children less than age 4 can easily choke on those small parts you mentioned. Parental watchfulness and discretion are indeed required.


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