Most children will fall sick at one time or the other. When your child falls sick, it is important to know how you can help. One of the best ways to help is to understand what is wrong with your child.

Sometimes you are not satisfied with your encounter with the doctor. This may be because your child does not recover as you expect. You want to seek another opinion or just discuss your concerns with someone else.

What did the doctor say?

What you need to know about your child’s sickness

You need to know your child’s diagnosis, and what will be done for your child. You also need to know why your child is sick, and how you can help with the recovery of your child. How will the diagnosis will affect the life of your child and the family as a whole? Sometimes, it is not possible to reach a diagnosis immediately. You need to understand this too.

Ask for your child’s diagnosis to be written down for you if you think you may forget it. Many clinics have patient and family information leaflets that are very explanatory. Additionally, you can do an internet search on your child’s diagnosis. But use trusted sources only. There are several reputable sites you can go to, some of which are listed below.

Seattle Children’s Hospital

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children


American Academy of Paediatrics Parenting Website

You can also get a lot of parenting information and advice from us at Babychildandco.

What if you don’t understand what the doctor says about your child’s sickness?

Ask healthcare workers to explain to you any word or phrase you do not understand. Also discuss your concerns. If it is a big hospital, you can ask to speak to the leader of the team. You can even ask to be scheduled for another visit just so you are counseled on what is wrong with your child. Additionally, you can bring anyone you are comfortable with and whose judgement you trust to this appointment. Some hospitals may have patient advocates that can help you.

Why you must understand what the doctor says when your child is sick

Knowing and understanding what is wrong with your child enables you to play your part in the recovery of your child. And to offer him the right support. Your encounter with a healthcare provider should end only when you understand as much as possible about what is wrong with your child. Therefore, always try to make the most out of your visit to the doctor.

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