Kangaroo Mother Care is a special way of caring for premature and low birth weight babies by carrying them skin-to-skin with their mothers or caregivers. The name is from the way a kangaroo nurses her baby, carrying him in a pouch around her bosom.

When should you start Kangaroo Mother Care?

Start as soon as the doctor gives you the go-ahead. All you need is a binder. The binder can be a clean ordinary piece of cloth, or one specially made to make putting the baby in this position easier.

How do you do Kangaroo Mother Care?

To put the baby in the Kangaroo Mother Care position, dress your baby in a cap and a diaper or nappy. Then put your baby between your breasts, in an upright position, chest to chest. Next, turn the head to one side with the neck going just a little backwards. The hips and arms should be in a “frog” position. Tie your baby securely with the binder such that he does not slip out when you get up and move about. The top of the binder should reach just below your baby’s ears. The tightest part of the binder should be over your baby’s chest. But don’t tie your baby’s tummy too tight. Easy breezy!

Your preterm baby should spend as much time as possible in the Kangaroo Mother Care position. He should only come out of this position if you want to change his diaper or clean him. You can even breastfeed him in this position. You can also sleep with your baby in this position; you only need to recline your back on multiple pillows.

Continue Kangaroo Mother Care your baby weighs about 2500g or becomes too wiggly in the binder.

How does Kangaroo Mother Care help?

Kangaroo Mother Care keeps preterm babies alive

Kangaroo Mother Care helps keep the preterm baby at the right temperature. It helps his skin to be populated by friendly organisms so the dangerous ones are not allowed to flourish. In addition, it helps mummy to produce enough milk and stimulates the preterm baby to breathe well. Moreover, it promotes bonding between mother and baby, boosts the mother’s self-esteem and makes her feel more competent.

Kangaroo Mother Care should go hand in hand with regular clinical assessment, good feeding practices, good hygiene and a huge dose of love. Now let’s play kangaroo.

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