Congratulations, Mum. You have made it this far. There is no telling when exactly you will go into labour, unless for medical reasons, your doctor has agreed on a date to either induce labour for you, or to perform a Caesarean Section for you. It is now time to prepare for your newborn baby.

What should you pack to hospital?

If you have not already done your preparations, please do so now. You need to shop for your baby. You need to get a list of items to take along to your hospital or clinic for the delivery. Pack these items in a clean, presentable bag. You may also need to take along a favourite book or a compilation of favourite music or audios.

You will eat when you come home

It is a good idea to cook some meals and store in the freezer for your immediate post-delivery period, since you may be too busy or too tired then to cook. Let these be your favourite meals, they will make you glad.

Get help to prepare for your newborn

You should get whoever you have planned to help you immediately after the delivery to move in, unless they live close enough or can come immediately at a moment’s notice. Remember that you cannot tell exactly when labour will begin, and you do not want to become frantic looking for them at the last minute. This can be a parent, grandparent, a trusted relative, sibling or a paid worker. The most important requirement is that you trust the person. If this is your first delivery, it is important that your help has previous experience, as dealing with a new baby can be overwhelming.

Pamper yourself

A pregnant woman listening to music with her baby

This is also the time to pamper yourself a little. You may get a manicure or pedicure but coloured nails may become a problem if you end up needing a Caesarean section, so you can just get nails well manicured without painting. Elaborate hairstyles that may hinder your ability to lie on the back of your head are also not advisable. Go for simple, cute styles. If you have put on a lot of weight and your wedding ring gets stuck on your finger, try removing it with soap and water. Metallic objects on your body are not allowed at Surgery. You can get a good facial as well to help you glow on the big day.

You have finished preparing for your newborn baby. Now it’s time to just relax, sing to your baby and trust that all will be well. Good luck, mummy. Let us know how it is going, and how we can help. We would like to hear from you.

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