You have carefully inspected your newborn. But your newborn needs a second examination, by your midwife or doctor. This examination will reassure you. It may also detect problems that you may have missed. A newborn should ideally be examined within the first 2 days of life. Otherwise, it should be within the first 2 weeks of life.

What will the doctor look for?

The doctor will look at your baby’s appearance. He will check your baby’s weight, length and how big his head is. He will check your baby’s breathing and heart sounds. A lot of babies are born with heart defects, and this is good for picking them up.

The doctor will also look at your baby’s tummy and backside. Is the backside open? Are the genitals usual? Tiny feet and hands, arms and legs too. The doctor will check to see how active your baby is. He will do simple tests to see if your baby can hear and see. He will see if your baby has newborn jaundice.

In short, your baby requires a head to toe examination. Make sure that you are present during this examination and point out anything you are unsure about. You can also invite your baby’s other caregivers, like grandparents, along for this.

Why do you need to get your newborn examined?

The doctor should examine your newborn because sometimes babies are born with some defects. Some of these are not visible. Your baby may be injured during birth. Picking these up early helps to give your baby the best care and the best outcomes. You can use this opportunity to discuss any concerns.

Your baby needs a newborn examination

Every newborn needs and deserves a newborn examination. Plan towards it before your baby is born. Be present during the examination and ask about anything that interests or bothers you.

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