Parenting 2 boys and a girl has been an exciting and humbling experience. These children all exhibited different unique characteristics right from the pregnancy stage. Their arrival has changed a lot in my life and I have learnt many lessons, 3 of which I am sharing with you.

1.Tolerance and patience: As a mother, there is so much to do on a daily basis for the children as well as other areas of my life. Sometimes, it feels as if 24 hours in a day are just not enough. But as I parent these kids, I have learnt to slow down, pause and do a lot of deep reflections. What I would normally not tolerate or be patient about, I have learnt to tolerate when it comes to kids.

2.Unconditional love: I thought I knew what it meant to love when I met my spouse. But as I play with them, pray for them, and parent them, these kids have taught me a whole new meaning of love and drawn me closer to God for more wisdom.

3.Sacrifice: I have come to realise parenting children comes with a lot of sacrifice. I choose to give up certain things for the well-being of the kids. Undoubtedly, some of these are things I love. I think about what new ways to empower them, care for them and teach them to grow into responsible adults. In so doing I also teach myself new skills. 

Mary Ayim-Segbefia.
Mom of 3, wife, lecturer.


  • Deborah Yesutor July 6, 2022

    All those 3 you mentioned plus sleepless nights. But in all its been an eye opening journey, currently nursing a 3weeks old baby and each of my 3 children have thier unique ways…. Still learning…

    • seyram wordui July 9, 2022

      Congrats, Deborah, on your new baby:). We wish you many blessings. Yes, it’s so eye-opening. May you always have great insight.


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