You remember when you first looked at your baby, that feeling of wanting to give your little one the world? When you said to yourself that your baby was going to grow up into the best version of himself? You are right: it is never too early to get your baby well on the way to greatness. Here is what to do.

Behold your baby

Spend time looking at your baby. Memorise every little detail, and fall in love over and over again. Your baby’s features will change as your baby grows, but they will remain ever so beautiful. Do feel proud that you are so blessed, and humble that a life has been entrusted into your care. Big responsibility, huh? 

Cuddle your Baby

Your baby loves your touch. He loves your smell too, and when you cuddle, you get close enough so he can smell you. Touch is a great stimulus to grow your baby’s senses. It has some added bonuses too-it gives your baby warmth and protects from diseases by allowing good organisms to get onto your baby’s skin.

Chat to your Baby

Never too early to hold a conversation with your baby. It may seem one-sided for now, but rest assured that baby is hearing and his little neurons are firing excitedly in response. Introduce your baby to as many different sounds as you can. It’s a great way boost to his verbal skills. 

Play with your baby

Play is the occupation of babies, and you can get your baby employed right away. As you play, sing, smile, dance or do whatever makes it fun for you. Your baby is watching and growing, and every so often, his response will bring a smile to your face.  

So, there you are. Gazing lovingly upon your baby, cuddling, chatting to and playing with your baby are all great and inexpensive ways to give your baby a great start. Indeed, parenting is the best way to give your baby a head start. You do not need to do it alone though. Ever heard the saying, ‘it takes a village’? Let’s go.

Do you have some great parenting tips to give your baby a head start?

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